Codycross Paris Group 245 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Millionaire
Solution: Moneybags

Question: Acknowledgement Of Truth Entrance Fee
Solution: Admission

Question: Dmitri Created The Table Of Chemical Elements
Solution: Mendeleev

Question: Family Managed Champagne House Founded In 1829
Solution: Bollinger

Question: Flyer Who Assesses Performance Of New Aircraft
Solution: Test pilot

Question: Frances Actress Known For Fargo
Solution: Mcdormand

Question: Kate Middletons Royal Title Duchess Of
Solution: Cambridge

Question: King Of Aragon Sponsor Of Columbus
Solution: Ferdinand

Question: Major Global Hit For Boy George And Band Karma
Solution: Chameleon

Question: Powerful Lamp Attached To The Front Of A Vehicle
Solution: Headlight

Question: Putting Green Gofer
Solution: Golf caddy

Question: Question On Every Dallas Fans Lips In 1980
Solution: Who shot jr

Question: Science Founded By Archimedes
Solution: Mechanics

Question: Scottish Economist Who Wrote The Wealth Of Nations
Solution: Adam smith

Question: Sweet Fermented Yogurt Eaten In India
Solution: Mitha dahi

Question: Tennis Serving Error Touching The Baseline
Solution: Foot fault

Question: Well Known Stage Actor Played Henry Taylor On 24
Solution: Colm feore

Question: Rock Jerusalems Gold Roofed Shrine
Solution: Dome of the

Question: Tittlemouse A Character Obsessed With Cleaning
Solution: Thomasina

Question: Volunteers Play Football From Neyland Stadium
Solution: Tennessee

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