Codycross Paris Group 244 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: All Over Bar The
Solution: Shouting

Question: A Mechanism For Filling A Toilets Water Tank
Solution: Ballcock

Question: A String Made From Many Twisted Strands
Solution: Cordless

Question: Alan Brit Inventor Of Stereophonic Sound
Solution: Blumlein

Question: Alaskan Dogsled Race
Solution: Iditarod

Question: Battery Powered
Solution: Cordless

Question: Bay Bight At North Of NZs North Island
Solution: Of plenty

Question: Before The Twelfth
Solution: Eleventh

Question: Celebration Headwear
Solution: Party hat

Question: Cooked On A Slow Boil
Solution: Simmered

Question: Country In Marvel Comics Capital Doomstadt
Solution: Latveria

Question: Criminal Wrongdoings
Solution: Offences

Question: Filling A Turkey With Chestnuts And Breadcrumbs
Solution: Stuffing

Question: Jack The Rippers True One Was Never Known
Solution: Identity

Question: Jefferson Washington Monument To Ex President
Solution: Memorial

Question: Large Outbreak Of Disease
Solution: Pandemic

Question: Matt Creator Of The Simpsons
Solution: Groening

Question: Michael Jacksons Hit
Solution: Thriller

Question: Persian And Angora Cats Have Lengthy Fur
Solution: Long hair

Question: Power Tool Without A Flex
Solution: Cordless

Question: Put Money Into A Project
Solution: Invested

Question: Resting Position With Lower Legs On The Ground
Solution: Kneeling

Question: Screaming
Solution: Shouting

Question: Serer Priestly Class Ministers Of Religious Cult
Solution: Saltigue

Question: Something Expensive Or Of Sentimental Meaning
Solution: Valuable

Question: Specific Food Desires Women Experience When Pregnant
Solution: Cravings

Question: Spherical Float Found In A Toilets Cistern
Solution: Ballcock

Question: The Buttons That You Press On A Games Console
Solution: Controls

Question: To Have Put Money Into A Project
Solution: Invested

Question: Turn Signals Informally
Solution: Blinkers

Question: US National Park A World Heritage Site Since 1984
Solution: Yosemite

Question: Unit Of Hydrostatic Pressure
Solution: Decibars

Question: Wicker Crib For Very Young Babies
Solution: Bassinet

Question: Pessoa Portuguese Poet Who Used Heteronyms
Solution: Fernando

Question: In Paradise Features In The 50s Musical Kismet
Solution: Stranger

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