Codycross Paris Group 244 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Teacher Or A Guide In A Museum
Solution: Docent

Question: Amount Bulk Mass Degree Of Loudness
Solution: Volume

Question: Another Name For The European Bison
Solution: Wisent

Question: Colour Of Autumn Leaves Before They Turn Red Brown
Solution: Golden

Question: Dig A Corpse Out Of The Ground
Solution: Exhume

Question: Distressing Experience
Solution: Trauma

Question: Fat Burning Hormone Found In Muscle Cells
Solution: Irisin

Question: French Fashion House Of Marcel With Femme Perfume
Solution: Rochas

Question: Geoff Loves Adopted Name For Music For Mountains
Solution: Manuel

Question: Harry Potters Dursley Family Lives At 4 Drive
Solution: Privet

Question: Honest And Upstanding
Solution: Decent

Question: Ingrid Bergmann And Goldie Hawn Film Flower
Solution: Cactus

Question: Killing The Lion The First Labor Of Heracles
Solution: Nemean

Question: Kingdom Between Norway And Finland
Solution: Sweden

Question: Ma Blues Singer The Mother Of The Blues
Solution: Rainey

Question: Musee French Art Museum In Railway Station
Solution: Dorsay

Question: Name Of The Cartoon Martian Voiced By Mel Blanc
Solution: Marvin

Question: Some Call It Platano In Spanish
Solution: Banana

Question: Surname Of Mailman Cliff In Cheers
Solution: Clavin

Question: Swift A Comet That Last Visited In 1992
Solution: Tuttle

Question: The Gentle Of Rain On A Rooftop
Solution: Patter

Question: Tires For Emergencies
Solution: Spares

Question: To Tighten Muscles
Solution: Clench

Question: Darko Cult Sci Fi Movie With Jake Gyllenhaal
Solution: Donnie

Question: Jankovic Former Serbian No 1 Tennis Player
Solution: Jelena

Question: Redford Actor Director Producer
Solution: Robert

Question: Admirer Potential Clandestine Partner
Solution: Secret

Question: Del Fuego Archipelago Of South America
Solution: Tierra

Question: Ile Historic Center Of Strasbourg
Solution: Grande

Question: As Mad As A A Reference From Lewis Carroll
Solution: Hatter

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