Codycross Paris Group 244 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Deep Valley With Water Running Through It
Solution: Canyon

Question: A Folding Case Used To Carry Money
Solution: Wallet

Question: A Place For The Sale Of Goods Store
Solution: Bazaar

Question: A Small Leather Case Used To Carry Money In
Solution: Wallet

Question: Carl Orffs O Fortuna Cantata Carmina
Solution: Burana

Question: Crouching Tiger Hidden Film By Ang Lee
Solution: Dragon

Question: Dam On The Zambezi Shared By Zambia And Zimbabwe
Solution: Kariba

Question: Domestic Cattle Bison Buffalo Yak And Antelope
Solution: Bovine

Question: Eric Knights Novel About A Collie Come Home
Solution: Lassie

Question: French Wine Named For Blackbird
Solution: Merlot

Question: Frida Kahlos Husband Diego
Solution: Rivera

Question: Fruit Used To Make Spaghetti Sauce
Solution: Tomato

Question: Herbal Garden Also Known As Apothecaries Garden
Solution: Physic

Question: Largest Bavarian City Home To Bayerns Soccer Team
Solution: Munich

Question: Madame Emma Adulterous Wife In Flauberts Book
Solution: Bovary

Question: Members Of Secret Society Organized Into Lodges
Solution: Masons

Question: Plump And Round
Solution: Chubby

Question: River Horses Semiaquatic Mammals From Africa
Solution: Hippos

Question: Said Of Someone Who Is Very Clumsy All
Solution: Thumbs

Question: Submerged
Solution: Dipped

Question: Toy Weapon With A Cork Down The Barrel
Solution: Pop gun

Question: Gingerbread Named After Former Polish Capital
Solution: Krakow

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