Codycross Paris Group 244 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Female Horse Chiefly Used For Reproduction
Solution: Broodmare

Question: Ancient Rock Temples In Southern Egypt
Solution: Abu simbel

Question: Authorize Medical Treatment
Solution: Prescribe

Question: Bravo Scripted Drama
Solution: Imposters

Question: Controlling A Situation By Taking Action Being
Solution: Proactive

Question: Cover For A Light
Solution: Lamp shade

Question: Discovery Channels Annual Deep Sea Event
Solution: Shark week

Question: Financial Situations Of Regions
Solution: Economies

Question: Hermann Creator Of The Inkblot Test
Solution: Rorschach

Question: Legally Binds Or Compels
Solution: Obligates

Question: Light In A Concentrated Line
Solution: Laser beam

Question: Map Of The Constellations Of The Night Sky
Solution: Star chart

Question: Musical Instrument Of Bellows And Keyboard
Solution: Accordion

Question: Natalie Had A Hit Song Called Torn
Solution: Imbruglia

Question: Natalie Who Had A Hit With Torn
Solution: Imbruglia

Question: Nationality Of Long Distance Runner Gebreselassie
Solution: Ethiopian

Question: Not Guilty Verdict Exoneration
Solution: Acquittal

Question: Outside The Allowable Area
Solution: Off limits

Question: Roundabouts For Luggage
Solution: Carousels

Question: Segas Sixth Generation Video Game Console
Solution: Dreamcast

Question: Staple Food Of Central Asian Herders
Solution: Yak butter

Question: The Worlds Constructed Auxiliary Language
Solution: Esperanto

Question: Touristy Viewing Wheel By The River Thames
Solution: London eye

Question: Von Triers Comedy Film From 1998
Solution: The idiots

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