Codycross Paris Group 242 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Coating Food With Crumbs Flour Or Seasoning
Solution: Breading

Question: Dont Ice Is A Childrens Game For Ages 3 And Up
Solution: Break the

Question: Exhibition Held Every Two Years Such As In Venice
Solution: Biennale

Question: Fast Powerful Stroke In Ice Hockey
Solution: Slap shot

Question: Flowing Wet Earth Caused By Heavy Rain
Solution: Mud slide

Question: Food Coating From Crumbs Flour Or Seasoning
Solution: Breading

Question: Gothic Revival Cathedral In Madrid
Solution: Almudena

Question: In This Movie Al Pacino Plays A Drug Dealer
Solution: Scarface

Question: Motoring Route That Must Be Paid For
Solution: Toll road

Question: Murder She Wrote Actress Angela
Solution: Lansbury

Question: Number With 12 Zeros
Solution: Trillion

Question: Players Dont Move The Round Object With Their Feet
Solution: Handball

Question: Process Of Administering Calming Drugs
Solution: Sedation

Question: Sacred Hindu Language
Solution: Sanskrit

Question: Syrupy Fruit Preserves
Solution: Compotes

Question: Thought Expressed With Symbolic Fictional Figures
Solution: Allegory

Question: Valley Of Luxors Ancient Royal Burial Site
Solution: The kings

Question: Slice Uncooked Layered Brownie
Solution: Hedgehog

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