Codycross Paris Group 241 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Asserted That Something Belongs To You
Solution: Claimed

Question: Coastal Bird That Likes To Steal Human Food
Solution: Seagull

Question: Congos National Park With Mountain Gorillas
Solution: Virunga

Question: Copland Piece For The Common Man
Solution: Fanfare

Question: Effeminate
Solution: Unmanly

Question: Gray And White Aquatic Bird That Lives By The Ocean
Solution: Seagull

Question: Half Goat Half Horse Creature With One Horn
Solution: Licorne

Question: Jewish Holiday Also Known As Feast Of Weeks
Solution: Shavuot

Question: KFCs Mascot Sanders
Solution: Colonel

Question: Londoner Who Speaks Rhyming Slang
Solution: Cockney

Question: Met With Colluded
Solution: Liaised

Question: Modus Way Of Living
Solution: Vivendi

Question: Popular Smoking Product Is Illegal In Bhutan
Solution: Tobacco

Question: Prehistoric Cave Paintings Found In France
Solution: Lascaux

Question: Science That Studies Rocks
Solution: Geology

Question: Small Ax With Short Handle Tomahawk
Solution: Hatchet

Question: Space In Front Of Your Plane Seat
Solution: Leg room

Question: Stieg Crimewriter Of The Millennium Trilogy
Solution: Larsson

Question: Swedish Band That Recorded Listen To Your Heart
Solution: Roxette

Question: Terminator US Film From 2015
Solution: Genisys

Question: The Eighth Avatar Of The God Vishnu
Solution: Krishna

Question: The Period For Gathering Crops
Solution: Harvest

Question: To Attack With Explosives Repeatedly
Solution: Bombard

Question: To Free Someone From Blame Forgive
Solution: Absolve

Question: Wheel Guards On A Car Or Bike To Prevent Splashing
Solution: Fenders

Question: Jordan Legendary US Basketball Player
Solution: Michael

Question: Parts Biographical Comedy About Howard Stern
Solution: Private

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