Codycross Paris Group 241 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Book Of Instructions
Solution: Manual

Question: Cured Italian Meat Popular Cold Cut
Solution: Salami

Question: Currency Of The Czech Republic
Solution: Koruna

Question: Elinor Economics Nobel Prize Winner
Solution: Ostrom

Question: French For Goat And Goats Cheese
Solution: Chevre

Question: Harry Title Character Of A Series By JK Rowling
Solution: Potter

Question: Islamic Mysticism
Solution: Sufism

Question: Mark Antonys Wife
Solution: Fulvia

Question: San Jose Calif Professional Hockey Team
Solution: Sharks

Question: Slightly Louder Than A Whisper
Solution: Murmur

Question: Sweet Hummable Musical Arrangement
Solution: Melody

Question: Under Sports Clothing Company
Solution: Armour

Question: Very Energetic Person
Solution: Dynamo

Question: Waterway Larger Than A Brook Smaller Than A River
Solution: Stream

Question: You Put This On Dogs And Horses
Solution: Collar

Question: A Problem Shared Is A Problem
Solution: Halved

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