Codycross Medieval Times Group 239 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: 180 Degree View
Solution: Panoramic

Question: Arabic Language News Television Network
Solution: Al jazeera

Question: Book Issuer
Solution: Publisher

Question: Catherine Deneuve Film The Of Cherbourg
Solution: Umbrellas

Question: Commissioned The Great Pyramid Of Giza
Solution: King khufu

Question: Gathering Spot For Hot Beverage Drinkers
Solution: Coffee bar

Question: German Air Force In WWII
Solution: Luftwaffe

Question: Hunters
Solution: Predators

Question: Laurence Who Played Ray Langston On CSI
Solution: Fishburne

Question: Less Cold Blizzard
Solution: Rainstorm

Question: Locomotive Expert
Solution: Train buff

Question: Medal Winning US Sprinter And Long Jumper
Solution: Carl lewis

Question: North German State Mecklenburg Western
Solution: Pomerania

Question: Of The Highest Social Standing
Solution: Top drawer

Question: Planting And Harvesting Social Media Game
Solution: Farmville

Question: Relating To Mathematical Equations With Brackets
Solution: Algebraic

Question: Small Isolated Fortress Built By Ancient Romans
Solution: Castellum

Question: Spacy Russian Traveler
Solution: Cosmonaut

Question: Spacy Russian Voyager
Solution: Cosmonaut

Question: Swiss Inventor Of Velcro George
Solution: De mestral

Question: The Scientific Study Of Cell Nuclei
Solution: Karyology

Question: Two Vowels Combined As One Syllable
Solution: Diphthong

Question: Usual Full Forename Of Someone Called Bess Betty
Solution: Elizabeth

Question: WWE Wrestler Steve Austin Ring Name
Solution: Stone cold

Question: When Sugar Has Turned To Alcohol
Solution: Fermented

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