Codycross Medieval Times Group 239 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: A The Fly In The
Solution: Ointment

Question: A Spice Used Largely For Desserts Worldwide
Solution: Cinnamon

Question: Actresses Vanessa And Lynn
Solution: Redgrave

Question: Air Force Navy Army
Solution: Military

Question: Apache Chief Born In 1829
Solution: Geronimo

Question: Baby Bird That Wattles
Solution: Duckling

Question: Baby Flying Water Floating Big Billed Bird
Solution: Duckling

Question: British Overseas Territory Capital Adamstown
Solution: Pitcairn

Question: Considered One Of The Smartest Scientists
Solution: Einstein

Question: Contemplating Considering
Solution: Thinking

Question: Country Where The Baht Is The Official Currency
Solution: Thailand

Question: Created Something New
Solution: Invented

Question: Creator Of The Garfield Comic Strip
Solution: Jim davis

Question: Feldspar Variety With Optical Effect
Solution: Sunstone

Question: First Computer Invented By Tommy Flowers
Solution: Colossus

Question: High Natural Elevation On Earth
Solution: Mountain

Question: Meditating
Solution: Thinking

Question: Mrs And Mrs Clark Hockney Kitty Art
Solution: And percy

Question: Of A Loaf With A Crunchier Shell
Solution: Crustier

Question: Purple Vegetable
Solution: Eggplant

Question: Purple Vegetable Name Used In US
Solution: Eggplant

Question: Restriction Due To Youth Or Maturity
Solution: Age limit

Question: Settlers Who Arrived On The Mayflower In 1620
Solution: Pilgrims

Question: She Sings What A Girl Wants Christina
Solution: Aguilera

Question: Tablets That Can Be Taken Without Water
Solution: Chewable

Question: The D In GDP
Solution: Domestic

Question: The Clapping Of A Theater Audience
Solution: Applause

Question: The Clapping Of An Audience
Solution: Applause

Question: The Process Of Arriving
Solution: Incoming

Question: When A Female Is With Child
Solution: Pregnant

Question: Woodwind Instrument With A Single Reed Mouthpiece
Solution: Clarinet

Question: Worlds Largest Impact Event In Russia In 1908
Solution: Tunguska

Question: Of Love Opera Singer Moves To Milan
Solution: One night

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