Codycross Medieval Times Group 239 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: A Long Mountain Chain
Solution: Sierra

Question: A Persons Account Of Life Events
Solution: Memoir

Question: Administrators
Solution: Clerks

Question: Archimedes Famous Exclamation
Solution: Eureka

Question: Cat With No Hair Sounds Egyptian
Solution: Sphynx

Question: Country Where Calgary International Airport Is
Solution: Canada

Question: It Means Mountain Range In Spanish
Solution: Sierra

Question: Jules Rimet Awarded To World Cup Winners
Solution: Trophy

Question: Largest Christian Church In Egypt
Solution: Coptic

Question: Made For Farming Potassium Salts
Solution: Potash

Question: Made For Fertilizers Potassium Salts
Solution: Potash

Question: Marionette
Solution: Puppet

Question: Opposite Of Malignant
Solution: Benign

Question: The Least Sullied
Solution: Purest

Question: Tower Of English Royalty Notorious Prison
Solution: London

Question: Wide Spade
Solution: Shovel

Question: Wishing For Something To Happen
Solution: Hoping

Question: Gandolfo Former Summer Residence Of The Pope
Solution: Castel

Question: And Clyde
Solution: Bonnie

Question: Jack Of All Trades Of None
Solution: Master

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