Codycross Medieval Times Group 238 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: A Picnic Basket
Solution: Hamper

Question: Bones Of The Ankle Joint Connected To The Tibia
Solution: Tarsus

Question: Cleaning Devices On A Vehicle Windscreen
Solution: Wipers

Question: Country Where Actress Salma Hayek Was Born
Solution: Mexico

Question: Dogs Necklace
Solution: Collar

Question: Former Argentinian Football Player Mario
Solution: Kempes

Question: Fruit That Makes A Split
Solution: Banana

Question: Haitian Religion Complete With Magic And Priests
Solution: Voodoo

Question: Holy Place Of Worship Eg Angkor Wat
Solution: Temple

Question: Line From Center To Circumference Of Circle
Solution: Radius

Question: Long Running Comic Strip Of Romantic Wisdom
Solution: Love is

Question: Madame French Revolutionary Executed In 1793
Solution: Roland

Question: Per For Each Person Or Individual
Solution: Capita

Question: Petit French Kids Wear Means Small Boat
Solution: Bateau

Question: Professionals Who Check Instrumental Pitch
Solution: Tuners

Question: Skin Infection Caused By Virus
Solution: Herpes

Question: Sunken Concave Indented Recessed
Solution: Hollow

Question: Teddy Animatronic Talking Bear Kids Toy
Solution: Ruxpin

Question: The Largest And Best Known Cuttlefish
Solution: Common

Question: Transition Metal Used In Electric Guitar Strings
Solution: Nickel

Question: Witches Rides
Solution: Brooms

Question: Back To Life Returning With Pink Floyd
Solution: Coming

Question: Santa Holy Week Celebrations In Spain
Solution: Semana

Question: Gland Gin And Orange For Simians
Solution: Monkey

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