Codycross Medieval Times Group 238 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: A Stew Made From Whatever Is Within Reach
Solution: Mulligan

Question: Author Of The Little Mermaid Hans Christian
Solution: Andersen

Question: Backless Couch With High Curved Headrest
Solution: Recamier

Question: Blue Skinned Alien Animation With Roxie Ritchie
Solution: Megamind

Question: Chilean Capital
Solution: Santiago

Question: Decade Following The 80s
Solution: Nineties

Question: Deep Purple Reddish Color
Solution: Dubonnet

Question: In Marketing A Target Area Larger Than Local
Solution: Regional

Question: John Played Danny Zuko In Grease
Solution: Travolta

Question: John Saturday Night Fever Star
Solution: Travolta

Question: Mackintosh By Another Name
Solution: Raincoat

Question: Oscar Winning Director Of The Musical Cabaret
Solution: Bob fosse

Question: Parasite That Can Live In The Digestive Tract
Solution: Tapeworm

Question: Person Or Thing Radiates Warmth Cheer Happiness
Solution: Sunshine

Question: Russian Granny
Solution: Babushka

Question: Someone Who Finished School And Received A Diploma
Solution: Graduate

Question: StarCraft The Board Game Was Shown In 2007 At
Solution: Blizzcon

Question: Table Of Elements
Solution: Periodic

Question: The US Film With Dustin Hoffman
Solution: Graduate

Question: The Capital Of Liberia
Solution: Monrovia

Question: To Be Alarmed Or Scared Past Tense
Solution: Panicked

Question: UK Currency
Solution: Sterling

Question: Unlawful
Solution: Criminal

Question: Youll Need This With Your Password To Log In
Solution: Username

Question: Velocity Final Constant Speed Of Falling Body
Solution: Terminal

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