Codycross Medieval Times Group 236 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: A Hole In A Tooth Caused By Decay
Solution: Cavity

Question: A Hole In The Tooth
Solution: Cavity

Question: Action Of Revolving Around An Axis Vintage Phone
Solution: Rotary

Question: An Edge Or Boundary Of A Surface Land
Solution: Border

Question: Arabic Noble Title Meaning Strength
Solution: Sultan

Question: Bela Hungarian Composer Of Mikrokosmos
Solution: Bartok

Question: Capital Of Flemish Brabant Belgium Aka Louvain
Solution: Leuven

Question: Castrated Male
Solution: Eunuch

Question: Ear Part Sometimes Pierced
Solution: Tragus

Question: Family Of Insects That Feeds On Plants
Solution: Aphids

Question: Flying Projectile
Solution: Rocket

Question: German Operatic Composer Of Die Walkure
Solution: Wagner

Question: Law Enforcement Brigade
Solution: Police

Question: Looking
Solution: Seeing

Question: Martial Arts Form Where A Black Belt Is The Best
Solution: Karate

Question: Not In Working Order Flawed
Solution: Faulty

Question: Notepad
Solution: Tablet

Question: Production Of Quality Prints With Ink Jet Printer
Solution: Giclee

Question: Roman God Of Wealth Father Of Jupiter
Solution: Saturn

Question: Sea Abuts Athens And Izmir Named After King Aegeus
Solution: Aegean

Question: Step By Step Instructions For Cooking Or Baking
Solution: Recipe

Question: The Book Story About A Boy Raised By Animals
Solution: Jungle

Question: The Currency Of The Nobel Prize
Solution: Kronor

Question: Those Who Follow The God Ganesha
Solution: Hindus

Question: Wristy Tracker For Recording Daily Activities
Solution: Fitbit

Question: Christi Lonestar City Body Of Christ
Solution: Corpus

Question: Keyes Irish Novelist Who Wrote Watermelon
Solution: Marian

Question: Pacific Hong Kongs Largest Airline
Solution: Cathay

Question: Coffee Adorned With Irish Whiskey And Cream
Solution: Gaelic

Question: De Winter French Spy Of The Three Musketeers
Solution: Milady

Question: Punch Is Thrown After A Lapse By The Opponent
Solution: Sucker

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