Codycross Medieval Times Group 236 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Akira Japanese Director Of Rashomon
Solution: Kurosawa

Question: Any Imaginary Semicircle On The Earths Surface
Solution: Meridian

Question: Deciding Between Two Options
Solution: Choosing

Question: Fela Kuti Made This Musical Genre Famous
Solution: Afrobeat

Question: Gushing With Praise
Solution: Effusive

Question: Japanese Naval Commander Of Pearl Harbor Attack
Solution: Yamamoto

Question: Light Of The Biggest Star
Solution: Sunshine

Question: Light Of The Nearest Star
Solution: Sunshine

Question: Name Of Boat On TV Show Gilligans Island
Solution: Ss minnow

Question: Not Done By Chance Or Accident
Solution: Wilfully

Question: Person Who Informs The News
Solution: Reporter

Question: Process Of Sewing Layers Of Fabric Together
Solution: Quilting

Question: Royal Leopards South African Stadium
Solution: Bafokeng

Question: Soak Veggies Or Meat In It To Infuse Flavor
Solution: Marinade

Question: Steady Pursuit Of Someone A Crime Like Harassment
Solution: Stalking

Question: Storage Compartment On A Cars Dashboard
Solution: Glovebox

Question: Term For The Hammer Anvil And Stirrup In The Ear
Solution: Ossicles

Question: To And Beyond Said Buzz Lightyear
Solution: Infinity

Question: Of The Faith Title Bestowed On Henry VIII
Solution: Defender

Question: Of Avila Canonized In The 16th Century
Solution: St teresa

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