Codycross Medieval Times Group 234 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Adolf Founder Of Sportswear Brand Adidas
Solution: Dassler

Question: Ancient Egyptian Construction
Solution: Pyramid

Question: Dank Prison In A Castle
Solution: Dungeon

Question: Event Theoretical Boundary Around A Black Hole
Solution: Horizon

Question: First President Of The Republic Of Indonesia
Solution: Sukarno

Question: Fish With Greenish Black Lateral Line US And UK
Solution: Pollock

Question: Folies French Theatre Famed For Exotic Cabaret
Solution: Bergere

Question: Glutinous Translucent Protein
Solution: Gelatin

Question: In Christianity Jesus Cured It
Solution: Leprosy

Question: Known As A Musician Poet In Greek Mythology
Solution: Orpheus

Question: Manchurian People Who Founded Chinas Jin Dynasty
Solution: Jurchen

Question: One Part In A Hundred
Solution: Percent

Question: Online Marketplace With Travel Product Discounts
Solution: Groupon

Question: Paper Is Gone
Solution: Digital

Question: Rolled Cream Cake Such As A Yule Log
Solution: Roulade

Question: Samba Singer Famous For Fruit Basket On Head
Solution: Miranda

Question: Soft Hail Or Snow Pellets
Solution: Graupel

Question: Spanish Wine Drink With Fruits
Solution: Sangria

Question: This Genre Rarely Presents Real Facts
Solution: Fiction

Question: Unique Six Limbed Legendary Creatures
Solution: Dragons

Question: Yet Undeveloped Beings
Solution: Embryos

Question: Place Soap Opera Seinfeld Didnt Watch
Solution: Melrose

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