Codycross Medieval Times Group 234 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Amusing Soppy Love Movie
Solution: Romcom

Question: Amusing Soppy Love Movie Adored By The Ladies
Solution: Romcom

Question: Azim Indian Tycoon Chairman Of Wipro
Solution: Premji

Question: Cheerful Expression Like Hooray
Solution: Hurrah

Question: Handgun
Solution: Pistol

Question: Hungarian Sweet White Wine From Aszu Grapes
Solution: Tokaji

Question: Investment From Overseas
Solution: Inward

Question: Just One Look Will Turn You Into Stone
Solution: Medusa

Question: Louisa May Wrote Little Women
Solution: Alcott

Question: Nut Thats A Seed And Same Genus As Peach
Solution: Almond

Question: Official Currency Of Haiti
Solution: Gourde

Question: PvP Means Versus
Solution: Player

Question: Skiing Event Over A Series Of Hard Mounds
Solution: Moguls

Question: Social His Job Is To Improve Communities
Solution: Worker

Question: The P In TPTB The That Be
Solution: Powers

Question: Heim This Museum Has A Branch In Bilbao
Solution: Guggen

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