Codycross Medieval Times Group 233 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Biggest US State
Solution: Alaska

Question: Describes Fiber That Makes Linen And Blonde Hair
Solution: Flaxen

Question: Describes Strand That Makes Linen Blond Hair
Solution: Flaxen

Question: Greek God Of Vegetation And Rebirth
Solution: Adonis

Question: Henri Founder Of The Red Cross
Solution: Dunant

Question: In Cold Blood Author
Solution: Capote

Question: In Truth Emphasis Confirmation Reality
Solution: Indeed

Question: It Gives Pleasure To The Senses Mind Or Spirit
Solution: Beauty

Question: James Shared Nobel Prize With Crick And Wilkins
Solution: Watson

Question: Line Of Equal Pressure On A Weather Map
Solution: Isobar

Question: Makes A Noise Through Mouth Nose While Sleeping
Solution: Snores

Question: Man King Of The Jungle
Solution: Tarzan

Question: Mosquito Borne Disease Aka Breakbone Fever
Solution: Dengue

Question: Not At Sea On Solid Ground
Solution: Ashore

Question: Old Superseded Software Or Hardware
Solution: Legacy

Question: Orchestral Wind Instruments Held To The Side
Solution: Flutes

Question: Portions Of A Company Divided Among People
Solution: Shares

Question: River Flowing Through Several SE Asian Countries
Solution: Mekong

Question: Sugar Milk Brandy And An Ovum At Christmas
Solution: Egg nog

Question: Table Tennis Bat
Solution: Paddle

Question: The Blinding Of Rembrandt Painting
Solution: Samson

Question: Vine Swinging Man Raised By Apes In The Jungle
Solution: Tarzan

Question: Where Rodins Burghers Are Sited
Solution: Calais

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