Codycross Medieval Times Group 233 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Absorbent Clay Used In Kitty Litter
Solution: Bentonite

Question: Angels
Solution: Guardians

Question: Cacao Treat Once Used As Currency
Solution: Chocolate

Question: Charged Particles From The Upper Layer Of The Sun
Solution: Solar wind

Question: Divergent Series 2015 Movie
Solution: Insurgent

Question: Flesh Eater
Solution: Carnivore

Question: French Actor In Cyrano De Bergerac And Asterix
Solution: Depardieu

Question: Growthpoint Stadium The Shark Tank
Solution: Kings park

Question: Information Vault
Solution: Hard drive

Question: Item Required For Some Types Of Jobs
Solution: Equipment

Question: Language Also Known As Magyar
Solution: Hungarian

Question: Large Rhodesian Dog Breed With Spine Markings
Solution: Ridgeback

Question: Latin Phrase Which Means The Voice Of The People
Solution: Vox populi

Question: Love Interest In The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
Solution: Esmeralda

Question: Not Guilty Verdict
Solution: Acquittal

Question: Picking Or Choosing
Solution: Selecting

Question: Portable Device For Recharging Your Phone
Solution: Power bank

Question: Romantic Opera By Richard Wagner
Solution: Lohengrin

Question: Second US President
Solution: John adams

Question: Spiked Tool Breaks Up The Surface Of A Lawn
Solution: Scarifier

Question: Spiritual Leader No 14 Won Nobel Peace Prize
Solution: Dalai lama

Question: Supporters Of The Monarchy
Solution: Royalists

Question: Terra Latin For Land That Remains Undiscovered
Solution: Incognita

Question: To Refine Render Noble
Solution: Sublimate

Question: To Renovate Freshen Up
Solution: Refurbish

Question: Warfare Strategy Of Wearing Down Opponents
Solution: Attrition

Question: Your Holiday Plan Of Places To Go And Things To Do
Solution: Itinerary

Question: And Meatballs Americanized Pasta Dish
Solution: Spaghetti

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