Codycross Medieval Times Group 232 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Any Baked Dish Topped With Cheese Breadcrumbs
Solution: Gratin

Question: Bipedal Primate Mammal Homo Sapiens
Solution: Humans

Question: Breathing Disease Eased By An Inhaler
Solution: Asthma

Question: Central American Country With Famous Canal
Solution: Panama

Question: Cute Good Looking
Solution: Pretty

Question: Defects In Something Errors
Solution: Faults

Question: Dress Worn To Evening Parties Or Special Events
Solution: Formal

Question: Elton Johns Real Last Name
Solution: Dwight

Question: Feast Of The Seven Italian Christmas Seafood Meal
Solution: Fishes

Question: German Who Worked On The Laws Of Planetary Motion
Solution: Kepler

Question: Indigo Has Players Collect From The Board
Solution: Jewels

Question: Inflamed And Reddish Areas On The Skin
Solution: Rashes

Question: It May Cause Stupor
Solution: Bender

Question: Milan Newspaper Once Edited By Mussolini
Solution: Avanti

Question: Mother Albanian Indian Nun
Solution: Teresa

Question: Old Golf Club Equivalent To A 4 Or 5 Iron
Solution: Mashie

Question: Small Green Fruits Put In Martinis Used To Make Oil
Solution: Olives

Question: Small River Running Through A Forest
Solution: Stream

Question: Small Savory Fruits Also Used To Make Oil
Solution: Olives

Question: Styx Ferryman Of The Greek Underworld
Solution: Charon

Question: To Connect Two Things Together For Use
Solution: Adjoin

Question: Daly Started On MTV
Solution: Carson

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