Codycross Medieval Times Group 232 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Assassination
Solution: Murder

Question: Became Publicly Known
Solution: Leaked

Question: Carnival Doughnut From Central Europe
Solution: Krofne

Question: City In Western Germany In Ruhr Industrial Area
Solution: Bochum

Question: Clear Understanding Of Some Area Or Industry
Solution: Acumen

Question: Famous Mexican Mural Painter Diego
Solution: Rivera

Question: French Military Honor The Croix De
Solution: Guerre

Question: HTML HyperText Language
Solution: Markup

Question: He Flew Too Close To The Sun
Solution: Icarus

Question: Humped Animals That Cross The Sahara
Solution: Camels

Question: Italian Term For A Defending Footballer A Sweeper
Solution: Libero

Question: Johannes Who Composed A Famous Lullaby
Solution: Brahms

Question: Large Enclosure For Birds
Solution: Aviary

Question: Los Site Of The WW2 Manhattan Project
Solution: Alamos

Question: Playing Card Jack Is Valet In This Language
Solution: French

Question: Powdery Sticks Used On Blackboard Or In Art
Solution: Chalks

Question: Scribble Absentmindedly
Solution: Doodle

Question: Ship Carrying Oil
Solution: Tanker

Question: Covers Stop Kids Getting To Electrical Outlets
Solution: Socket

Question: Of The Field Poitier Won Historic Oscar
Solution: Lilies

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