Codycross Medieval Times Group 232 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Eastern Roman Emperor Formed A Roman Legal Code
Solution: Justinian

Question: Every Take 1983 Hit For The Police
Solution: Breath you

Question: First Starring Film Role For Elvis In 1957
Solution: Loving you

Question: Fleas Lice And Tapeworms Are All
Solution: Parasites

Question: Food Stabilizer From African Tree Sap
Solution: Gum arabic

Question: Green And Red Gem Is Named After This Tsarevitch
Solution: Alexander

Question: How Fast Your Ticker Is Beating
Solution: Heart rate

Question: Krai And City In Western Russia On Kuban River
Solution: Krasnodar

Question: Last Name By Birth Of Pope Benedict XVI
Solution: Ratzinger

Question: Metal Finders Of Hidden Treasures
Solution: Detectors

Question: Microsoft Operating System That Preceded Vista
Solution: Windows xp

Question: Physicist Proponent Of The Steady State Theory
Solution: Fred hoyle

Question: Prepared In Advance Or Precooked Eg Potatoes
Solution: Parboiled

Question: Rising Prices
Solution: Inflation

Question: Speaking Alone As In A Speech In A Play
Solution: Soliloquy

Question: Tampa Bay Plays Hockey At Amalie Arena
Solution: Lightning

Question: Trail Of Patterns Left By Animals Feet
Solution: Pawprints

Question: Type Of Car Racing That Lasts Many Hours Or Days
Solution: Endurance

Question: Empire Dynasty Centered On Modern Day Germany
Solution: Holy roman

Question: Meyer Twilight Authors First Name
Solution: Stephenie

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