Codycross Medieval Times Group 232 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Bowies Astronaut
Solution: Major tom

Question: Bugle Call To Wake You Up
Solution: Reveille

Question: Climber With Striking Purple Blue Hanging Flowers
Solution: Wisteria

Question: Deserted Abandoned
Solution: Defected

Question: Dictator Pig From Animal Farm
Solution: Napoleon

Question: Dumbo
Solution: Elephant

Question: Everyone Should Have A Kit Like This One
Solution: First aid

Question: Items In A Container Topics In A Book
Solution: Contents

Question: J M Barries Boy Who Never Grew Up
Solution: Peter pan

Question: More Than Arguing
Solution: Fighting

Question: Ole Invented The Outboard Motor
Solution: Evinrude

Question: One Hundred Times Ten
Solution: Thousand

Question: Pan Once The Worlds Largest Airline
Solution: American

Question: Phrase Meaning Water Biblical Origin
Solution: Adams ale

Question: Sent By God To Aid Umma Revives Every Century
Solution: Mujaddid

Question: The Name The Turks Gave Constantinople
Solution: Istanbul

Question: The Same Color Or Paired Well Not Contrasting
Solution: Matching

Question: To Fail To Give Proper Attention To
Solution: Overlook

Question: To Secure With A Hammer
Solution: Nail down

Question: To Spend Lavishly
Solution: Squander

Question: Working Class Sitcom
Solution: Roseanne

Question: Acid Crystals Found In Wine
Solution: Tartaric

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