Codycross Medieval Times Group 232 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: A Tall Slender Glass For Drinking Beer
Solution: Pilsner

Question: Birth Country Of Beethoven
Solution: Germany

Question: Car Attached To The Rear Of The Train Usually Red
Solution: Caboose

Question: Character Of A Cartoon About Inventors Brothers
Solution: Phineas

Question: Dome Shaped Shelters Built By Native Americans
Solution: Wigwams

Question: Eskimos Live In Igloos Algonquins In
Solution: Wigwams

Question: German Speaking Swiss Canton On Lake Constance
Solution: Thurgau

Question: Gladiator Actor With A Beautiful Mind Crowe
Solution: Russell

Question: Hard Paste White Porcelain From Near Dresden
Solution: Meissen

Question: Legendary Creature In West Virginia
Solution: Mothman

Question: Nation That Was Once The Hapsburg Empire
Solution: Austria

Question: Ovenproof Dish With Fluted Sides For Creme Brulee
Solution: Ramekin

Question: Person Whose Job Is To Care For Peoples Teeth
Solution: Dentist

Question: Prince Married To A Ruling Queen
Solution: Consort

Question: Reverend Who Gave His Name To Verbal Transposition
Solution: Spooner

Question: Room Separator
Solution: Divider

Question: Small Short Handled Ax
Solution: Hatchet

Question: Stomping Grounds Of FC Barcelona
Solution: Camp nou

Question: The Movie With Marilyn Monroe And Clark Gable
Solution: Misfits

Question: The Sound Of Nothing
Solution: Silence

Question: This Nocturnal Omnivore Wears A Black Mask
Solution: Raccoon

Question: To Ask For Something
Solution: Request

Question: To Ignore Orders
Solution: Disobey

Question: Tortilla Folded Over Filling Meats Cheese Beans
Solution: Burrito

Question: Golf Is Golf With Flying Discs Not Balls
Solution: Frisbee

Question: Say Only Fools Rush In 1962 Elvis Line
Solution: Wise men

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