Codycross Medieval Times Group 231 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Brave New World
Solution: Aldous

Question: C S Lewiss Magical Land Through The Wardrobe
Solution: Narnia

Question: Church Pathways
Solution: Aisles

Question: Dead Body Cadaver
Solution: Corpse

Question: French Variety Of Fire Wine Cognac
Solution: Brandy

Question: Gone To A Specific Direction Or Place
Solution: Headed

Question: Horses Home
Solution: Stable

Question: Irish Poet Who Won The 1995 Literature Prize
Solution: Heaney

Question: Juan Former King Of Spain Francos Successor
Solution: Carlos

Question: Penal Remote Place Such As Devils Island
Solution: Colony

Question: People Like This Are Very Successful
Solution: Driven

Question: Roman God Whose Name Is Linked To Sleepwalking
Solution: Somnus

Question: The Best Known Ancient Oracle Was Found Here
Solution: Delphi

Question: Truman US Writer Of Cold Blood
Solution: Capote

Question: Twenty Minus Nine Plus One
Solution: Twelve

Question: Type Of Garden Populated With Blooms
Solution: Flower

Question: Type Of Volcano With Tall Conical Peak
Solution: Strato

Question: Nadal Spanish Tennis Ace
Solution: Rafael

Question: Nadal Spanish Tennis Supremo
Solution: Rafael

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