Codycross Medieval Times Group 231 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Capable Of Producing Desired Results
Solution: Efficient

Question: French Cardinal Louis XIIIs Chief Minister
Solution: Richelieu

Question: German City Railway Tramway System
Solution: Stadtbahn

Question: German Pioneer Of The Printing Press
Solution: Gutenberg

Question: Leisurely Walking
Solution: Strolling

Question: Office Of The Cantor In Judaism
Solution: Cantorate

Question: Painters Device For Steadying The Hand
Solution: Maulstick

Question: Part Of The Day When Soaps Are Usually Broadcast
Solution: Afternoon

Question: Presumed Birthplace Of Jesus
Solution: Bethlehem

Question: Sending Up A Rocket
Solution: Launching

Question: Swindler Deceiver Spider Anansi In Mythology
Solution: Trickster

Question: The Shining Actor Jack
Solution: Nicholson

Question: The 37th Academy Awards Winner Cartoon Panther
Solution: Pink phink

Question: This Is Worth Six Points In American Football
Solution: Touchdown

Question: Unique Male In A Group
Solution: Odd man out

Question: Victorian Mode Of Transport For Holmes And Watson
Solution: Hansom cab

Question: Worlds Largest Personal Computer Software Company
Solution: Microsoft

Question: Yellow Citrus Fruits Come From A
Solution: Lemon tree

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