Codycross Medieval Times Group 231 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Another Word For Buy
Solution: Purchase

Question: Approximately 22 Pounds
Solution: Kilogram

Question: Ceases Concludes Ends Closes
Solution: Finishes

Question: Coin Operated Communication
Solution: Pay phone

Question: Coriander
Solution: Cilantro

Question: East African Lake Named After British Monarch
Solution: Victoria

Question: In Loco Guardianship Of A Minor
Solution: Parentis

Question: Larisa Russian Gymnast With 19 Olympic Medals
Solution: Latynina

Question: Latin Phrase Meaning The Common People
Solution: Plebeius

Question: Low Cost Air Carrier Out Of Denver
Solution: Frontier

Question: Modern Toilets Developed By Sir John Harington
Solution: Flushing

Question: Opening Night Of A Show
Solution: Premiere

Question: Opening Night Of A Show Or Film
Solution: Premiere

Question: Rain Protector
Solution: Umbrella

Question: Range With Europes Highest Mountain Mt Elbrus
Solution: Caucasus

Question: Type Of Rose Has The Appearance Of A Pruned Tree
Solution: Standard

Question: Planet One Of The Most Expensive Disney Movies
Solution: Treasure

Question: Thomas Disciple Who Wasnt Totally Convinced
Solution: Doubting

Question: Lobster Are Blue With Purple Red Marks
Solution: European

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