Codycross Medieval Times Group 231 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Ability To Understand And Share Others Feelings
Solution: Empathy

Question: Ancient City Center Of Hellenistic Judaism
Solution: Antioch

Question: Beat Vanquish
Solution: Conquer

Question: Buffy The Slayer Or The Chosen One
Solution: Vampire

Question: Central Swiss Canton With Large Lake
Solution: Lucerne

Question: Cheap Ticket Carrier US Fifth Largest
Solution: Jetblue

Question: Earless Artist Sold Just One Work During Lifetime
Solution: Van gogh

Question: Extra Jobs Done Without Extra Pay In Circus
Solution: Chinese

Question: Fashionably French
Solution: En vogue

Question: Fruit That Looks Like A Very Small Orange
Solution: Kumquat

Question: Full Name Of This Tinted Moisturizer Beauty Balm
Solution: Bb cream

Question: Getting To From Rodgers The King And I
Solution: Know you

Question: Hua Maos Communist Party Vice Chairman
Solution: Guofeng

Question: Lightweight Silk Twill Fabric With Print
Solution: Foulard

Question: Peaceful Sea Or Ocean
Solution: Pacific

Question: Red Wine Mixed With Sliced Fruit
Solution: Sangria

Question: Saddam Baath President And Dictator Of Iraq
Solution: Hussein

Question: Smoking This May Be Hazardous To Your Health
Solution: Tobacco

Question: Something Divided Into Four Pieces 3
Solution: Fourths

Question: Victor The Overall Winner Of School Sportsday
Solution: Ludorum

Question: What Little Miss Muffet Sat On
Solution: A tuffet

Question: Disc Plastic Storage Device
Solution: Compact

Question: Pike Is Also Called Yellowfin Pike
Solution: Longfin

Question: Sheet Where All The Negatives Are Gathered
Solution: Contact

Question: Snouted Endangered African Crocodile Species
Solution: Slender

Question: Easy Peasy Lemon
Solution: Squeezy

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