Codycross Medieval Times Group 230 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: African Wooden Xylophone
Solution: Marimba

Question: Birth Name Of Genghis Khan
Solution: Temujin

Question: Born In The Most Populated Country In The World
Solution: Chinese

Question: Bruce The Shark From Jaws And Nemo
Solution: Finding

Question: Circular Vegetation Creations For The Front Door
Solution: Wreaths

Question: Economic Excess
Solution: Surplus

Question: Entertainment Company For Online Streaming
Solution: Netflix

Question: Figure Skating Move Named After Swedish Skater
Solution: Salchow

Question: Former Capital Of Pakistan
Solution: Karachi

Question: Founding Father Reference Refers To Signature
Solution: Hancock

Question: George Played Hannibal Smith In The A Team
Solution: Peppard

Question: Georgian Sauce Made From Sour Cherry Plums
Solution: Tkemali

Question: Japanese Art Of Paper Folding
Solution: Origami

Question: Love Makes The World
Solution: Go round

Question: Often The Center Of An Engagement Ring
Solution: Diamond

Question: Ready To Give Up His Kingdom For A Horse III
Solution: Richard

Question: Slang For Psychiatrists And Psychotherapists
Solution: Shrinks

Question: Small Curved Mounting For Ancient Japanese Sword
Solution: Aikuchi

Question: Small Round Shield
Solution: Buckler

Question: Swiss Inventor Of Velcro George De
Solution: Mestral

Question: Table Chairs For Informal Dining
Solution: Dinette

Question: Tellers
Solution: Bankers

Question: The Act Of Going Without Food Esp In Religions
Solution: Fasting

Question: To Be Cautious When Doing Something
Solution: Careful

Question: Tokay Geckos Are One Of The Geckos
Solution: Largest

Question: Website That Allows One To Post And Watch Videos
Solution: You tube

Question: Alarm Intruder Warning System
Solution: Burglar

Question: The Lake Waterside Horror Starring Judd Nelson
Solution: Cabin by

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