Codycross Medieval Times Group 230 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: CIA Assassin Played By Matt Damon
Solution: Bourne

Question: Fifth A Secret And Subversive Group In Wartime
Solution: Column

Question: First Brand To Develop A Smartwatch
Solution: Pebble

Question: Greek City State Depicted In The Film 300
Solution: Sparta

Question: Guardian Of Quran Madrasah Teachers
Solution: Mullah

Question: Half Robotic Lesser Known Hero Of Justice League
Solution: Cyborg

Question: In Golf These Score As 1 On A Hole
Solution: Bogies

Question: Item Dropped Into The Sea To Hold A Ship In Place
Solution: Anchor

Question: Monkey Tall Evergreen Tree
Solution: Puzzle

Question: Northernmost Scandinavian Country
Solution: Norway

Question: Repeated Behavior Pattern Following A Round Shape
Solution: Cyclic

Question: Smooth Stone Found In Or Near A River
Solution: Pebble

Question: Spicy Napa Cabbage Dish A Korean Cuisine Staple
Solution: Kimchi

Question: Surname Of Doogie Played By Neil Patrick Harris
Solution: Howser

Question: To Come Back
Solution: Return

Question: Torch With Extremely Flammable Gas
Solution: Butane

Question: Unassuming First Name Of Mussorgsky
Solution: Modest

Question: Head Snake Has A Reddish Metallic Coloring
Solution: Copper

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