Codycross Medieval Times Group 230 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: A Womans Work Is
Solution: Never done

Question: An Underlying Layer
Solution: Substrate

Question: Colloquial Phrase For Going To Bed
Solution: Hit the hay

Question: Crossword Hints Queries
Solution: Questions

Question: Dictated By Law
Solution: Mandatory

Question: Doctor Who Advocated Euthanasia Jack
Solution: Kevorkian

Question: He Played Jason Bourne
Solution: Matt damon

Question: In Ballet A Tiptoes Spinning Of The Body
Solution: Pirouette

Question: In Mountaineering Descending On Fixed Ropes
Solution: Abseiling

Question: Irish Patron
Solution: St patrick

Question: Italian Term For Singing Style In Music
Solution: Cantabile

Question: Italian Volcano Bread Filled With Cheese And Herbs
Solution: Stromboli

Question: Personal Driver
Solution: Chauffeur

Question: Portable Hinged Set Of Stairs That Can Be Folded
Solution: Stepstool

Question: Pregnant Woman Who Carries A Child For Another
Solution: Surrogate

Question: Real Or Perceived Oscillation Of A Moon Satellite
Solution: Libration

Question: Sandra Bullock American Football Oscar Movie
Solution: Blindside

Question: Shock Devices For Dampening Impact Jolts
Solution: Absorbers

Question: Someone Who Speaks Out On Behalf Of A Cause
Solution: Protester

Question: To Die From Being Unable To Breathe
Solution: Suffocate

Question: Wahlberg Stage Name
Solution: Marky mark

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