Codycross Medieval Times Group 229 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: A Person Is Known By The One He She Keeps
Solution: Company

Question: Buddhist Head King Of Victorious Ones
Solution: Karmapa

Question: Country Where Guinness Beer Originated
Solution: Ireland

Question: Doctor Is The Most Powerful Sorcerer
Solution: Strange

Question: First Satellite That Russia Launched Into Space
Solution: Sputnik

Question: In Spanish They Are Called Platanos
Solution: Bananas

Question: Indian Invention After 500 AD Aka Spinning Wheel
Solution: Charkha

Question: It Means Platanos In Spanish
Solution: Bananas

Question: Long Handled Stewing Or Frying Pan
Solution: Skillet

Question: Near The Describes Something A Little Rude
Solution: Knuckle

Question: Organ That Holds Urine From The Kidneys
Solution: Bladder

Question: Profit From Labor Investment Or Business
Solution: Returns

Question: Rodins Le Penseur Or In English The
Solution: Thinker

Question: Sour Liquid Used To Flavor Or Preserve Food
Solution: Vinegar

Question: Strip Of Land Surrounded By Water On Both Sides
Solution: Isthmus

Question: Ducks Play Hockey At The Honda Center
Solution: Anaheim

Question: Rex Cats Only Have Down Hair Not Fur
Solution: Cornish

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