Codycross Medieval Times Group 229 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Breathing Inhaler Tube For Asthma Sufferers
Solution: Spacer

Question: Car Built By BMW
Solution: Beemer

Question: Chin Pet Rodent A Bit Like A Squirrel
Solution: Chilla

Question: Chopped Very Very Small
Solution: Minced

Question: Considered The Father Of Computation
Solution: Turing

Question: Diamond Pattern Beloved By Golfers
Solution: Argyle

Question: Former Name For Iran
Solution: Persia

Question: Gobbling Poultry Bird Bred For Seasonal Feasts
Solution: Turkey

Question: Goose Egg Is A Score Of Zero In
Solution: Sports

Question: Household Name Products
Solution: Brands

Question: Justus Von Chemist Fertilizer Specialist
Solution: Liebig

Question: Knob Or Disk Secured To An Article Of Clothing
Solution: Button

Question: Male Parent
Solution: Father

Question: Righteous Person In Judaism Biblical Figures
Solution: Tzadik

Question: Scientific Study Of Plants And Plant Life
Solution: Botany

Question: Seat Of The Government Of The United Kingdom
Solution: London

Question: Soft Wind
Solution: Breeze

Question: To Lead An Uninteresting Life
Solution: Vegout

Question: US Dam Named After A 20th C President
Solution: Hoover

Question: Duchamp French Sculptor
Solution: Marcel

Question: Bean Red Legume
Solution: Kidney

Question: Gallery Criminals Photo Mugshots For IDing
Solution: Rogues

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