Codycross Medieval Times Group 229 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Action Planned Or Taken To Achieve A Desired Result
Solution: Measured

Question: Basketball Play With Both Feet Off The Ground
Solution: Jump shot

Question: Between 13 And 19 Years Old
Solution: Teenager

Question: Board Game With Mule Saddle Dynamite And Blanket
Solution: Buckaroo

Question: Cucumber Looking Vegetable Related To Pumpkins
Solution: Zucchini

Question: Dantes Realm Along With Inferno And Purgatory
Solution: Paradise

Question: Dr Crippen Or Bread And In Rhyming Slang
Solution: Dripping

Question: Glistens Catches The Light
Solution: Sparkles

Question: How Nuclear Blasts Are Measured
Solution: Megatons

Question: Impolite Term For Collecting When Space Runs Out
Solution: Hoarding

Question: Liquid That Dripped Out Slowly
Solution: Trickled

Question: Mindanaos Preferred Sword In The Philippines
Solution: Kampilan

Question: Name By Which The Czech Language Was Known
Solution: Bohemian

Question: Nationality Of Puccinis Madam Butterfly
Solution: Japanese

Question: Painter Who Practiced Tachisme Jean
Solution: Fautrier

Question: Things Shouldnt Be Put Off Until That Time
Solution: Tomorrow

Question: Tiny Organisms First Observed By Van Leeuwenhoek
Solution: Bacteria

Question: US Frontier Period In The 19th Century
Solution: Wild west

Question: What Dogs Use Their Nose For
Solution: Sniffing

Question: When A Storm Comes Ashore From Over The Sea
Solution: Landfall

Question: Where Tracks Converge
Solution: Junction

Question: Santa Justa Lift In Lisbon Inspired By Eiffel
Solution: Elevador

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