Codycross Medieval Times Group 229 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: A On Both Your Houses From Romeo And Juliet
Solution: Plague

Question: Bet Your Bottom A US Currency Metaphor
Solution: Dollar

Question: A Scribe Such As An Author Or Journalist
Solution: Writer

Question: Beaded Counting Device Invented In Ancient Sumeria
Solution: Abacus

Question: Berber Sword Of The Kabyles Of Algeria
Solution: Flyssa

Question: Climb This To Go Higher
Solution: Ladder

Question: Crockery For Breakfast Food From Hens
Solution: Egg cup

Question: Deep Blue Violet Color A Plant Used To Make Dye
Solution: Indigo

Question: Flat Panel On A Digital Device That Displays Images
Solution: Screen

Question: Gland That Slowly Shrinks After Puberty
Solution: Thymus

Question: Great Split In The Catholic Church
Solution: Schism

Question: In Between Front And Rear Equal Distance
Solution: Middle

Question: Labelled
Solution: Tagged

Question: Paying For It
Solution: Buying

Question: Poet Of Ancient Rome
Solution: Virgil

Question: Protestors Gathered To Strike
Solution: Picket

Question: Purchase Of Controlling Interests In A Company
Solution: Buyout

Question: Siberian River That Drains Lake Baikal
Solution: Angara

Question: Single Flight Leg With No Return Ticket
Solution: One way

Question: Sport In Which Ilie Nastase Gained Fame
Solution: Tennis

Question: The Nutcracker Swan Lake
Solution: Ballet

Question: They Propel Dolphins
Solution: Flukes

Question: Title Character Of Scott Fitzgeralds Masterpiece
Solution: Gatsby

Question: Trademark Name For Fluoxetine
Solution: Prozac

Question: Rays High Energy Radiation From Space
Solution: Cosmic

Question: Series Research Into Hydrogen Atoms
Solution: Balmer

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