Codycross Medieval Times Group 228 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: 1999 In Roman Numerals
Solution: Mcmxcix

Question: Artist Of Pictures
Solution: Painter

Question: Battle Of Followed A First Attack At Lexington
Solution: Concord

Question: Country Where US Casablanca Film Is Located
Solution: Morocco

Question: Dish Decoration
Solution: Garnish

Question: French Term Meaning Social Blunder Or False Step
Solution: Faux pas

Question: Japanese Winter Squash
Solution: Kabocha

Question: Kevin Actor Of Dances With Wolves
Solution: Costner

Question: Nancy Boyd Is Her Pen Name Edna St Millay
Solution: Vincent

Question: Peter Famous Portrayal Of Hercule Poirot
Solution: Ustinov

Question: Playing Alone Anagram Of Loosing
Solution: Soloing

Question: Pre Historic Hairy Elephant Like Creature
Solution: Mammoth

Question: Print Made From A Design Cut In Linoleum
Solution: Linocut

Question: Professors Deans Et Al
Solution: Faculty

Question: Ripped Separated Divided Sundered
Solution: Severed

Question: Roman Army Formation Resembling A Tortoise
Solution: Testudo

Question: Rummy Card Game With Two Sets Of Cards
Solution: Canasta

Question: Shaking Caused By Cold Or A Horror Movie
Solution: Tremble

Question: Short Rail Track Diverts Trains Off The Main Line
Solution: Sidings

Question: Spanish Ex No 1 Tennis Ace Sanchez Vicario
Solution: Arantxa

Question: The Sort Of Pot That Never Boils
Solution: Watched

Question: Vacation
Solution: Holiday

Question: When A Rocket Leaves The Ground
Solution: Lift off

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