Codycross Medieval Times Group 228 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: A Primary Color
Solution: Yellow

Question: Bahrain Capital Rhymes With Panama
Solution: Manama

Question: Beethovens First Name
Solution: Ludwig

Question: Brother Trapped In Confectionery House
Solution: Hansel

Question: Chinese Premier 1987 1998 Followed By Zhu Rongji
Solution: Li peng

Question: City With Both A Wembley Stadium And Wembley Arena
Solution: London

Question: Contusion Abrasion Scratch
Solution: Bruise

Question: General Died During The Defense Of Khartoum
Solution: Gordon

Question: Guru Sahib Sikh Holy Book
Solution: Granth

Question: Latin Cocktail Of Lime Mint And Coconut Rum
Solution: Cojito

Question: Martin Last German To Be World No 1 Golfer
Solution: Kaymer

Question: Mouth Liquid That Helps Start Digestion
Solution: Saliva

Question: Narinder Indian Inventor Of Fiber Optics
Solution: Kapany

Question: Old Gold And Silver Coins Meaning Dukedom
Solution: Ducats

Question: Opportunity
Solution: Chance

Question: Paul US Actor Entrepreneur And Humanitarian
Solution: Newman

Question: Poetic Name For Britain Suffix To West Brom Name
Solution: Albion

Question: Severe Financial Collapses
Solution: Slumps

Question: Syntactic Constituent Single Grammatical Function
Solution: Phrase

Question: TV Comedy About The Pritchetts Family
Solution: Modern

Question: The Best
Solution: Finest

Question: The Clones Are Made On Planet In Star Wars
Solution: Kamino

Question: Window Covers That Can Be Vertical Or Venetian
Solution: Blinds

Question: World Day Supports Action To Combat The Disease
Solution: Cancer

Question: Loeil Optical Illusion Art Style
Solution: Trompe

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