Codycross Medieval Times Group 228 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: A Place Used To Retreat Refuge
Solution: Hideaway

Question: Alices Nemesis
Solution: Red queen

Question: Anything Pertaining To The Temple Area Of The Head
Solution: Temporal

Question: Capital Of American Samoa
Solution: Pago pago

Question: Covered With Small Pieces Of Sparkly Material
Solution: Spangled

Question: Cyclists Path
Solution: Bike lane

Question: French Impressionist Painters Who Worked Outside
Solution: Plein air

Question: Gelling Thickening Agent Derived From Seaweed
Solution: Agar agar

Question: Gem Cut That Is A Pointed Oval In Shape
Solution: Marquise

Question: Horror TV Series Based On Thomas Harris Novels
Solution: Hannibal

Question: In Poetry A Five Line Stanza
Solution: Cinquain

Question: John Sought The NW Passage Aboard Erebus
Solution: Franklin

Question: Joel Michelin Starred Chef Of Pommes Puree
Solution: Robuchon

Question: Opening Through Which Light Enters A Camera
Solution: Aperture

Question: Original Female Coach Of The Voice
Solution: Aguilera

Question: Romeos Clan
Solution: Montague

Question: Sea Devil
Solution: Monkfish

Question: Soldiers Dining Room
Solution: Mess hall

Question: Someone Expected To Lose A Contest Or Battle
Solution: Underdog

Question: Type Of Empirical Scale Used To Measure Wind Speed
Solution: Beaufort

Question: Scale Used To Measure Wind Speed
Solution: Beaufort

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