Codycross Medieval Times Group 228 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: A Gun Needs At Least One
Solution: Bullet

Question: A Pocket Full Of These Flowers Are In A Nursery Rhyme
Solution: Posies

Question: Crop Failure In Ireland Causing The Great Famine
Solution: Potato

Question: Duchamp Signed One And Called It Art
Solution: Urinal

Question: Egyptian President Nationalized The Suez Canal
Solution: Nasser

Question: European Capital Where Handel Made His Home
Solution: London

Question: Fashion Designer Coco
Solution: Chanel

Question: Food Cured With Fire Fumes
Solution: Smoked

Question: Found In The Middle Of Pigs Faces
Solution: Snouts

Question: Gentlemen Blondes A 1953 Monroe Russell Movie
Solution: Prefer

Question: Impenetrable Tangled Mass Of Tropical Vegetation
Solution: Jungle

Question: Person Paid To Kill People
Solution: Hitman

Question: Philadelphia 76ers Play At The Wells Fargo
Solution: Center

Question: Place That Means Naples In Italian
Solution: Napoli

Question: Scotch A Northern Hat And A Very Hot Chilli
Solution: Bonnet

Question: Section Division Private Or Public
Solution: Sector

Question: The Porcelain Object Duchamp Titled Fountain
Solution: Urinal

Question: Tom Cruise Pilot Movie
Solution: Top gun

Question: WW2 Chaff Dropped By British Planes
Solution: Window

Question: Wolfgang Van Wrote Faust
Solution: Goethe

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