Codycross Medieval Times Group 227 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Antonym Of Benevolent
Solution: Malignant

Question: Bad Pollution Killed Thousands In London In 1952
Solution: Great smog

Question: Card Game With The Aim Of Outdoing Other Players
Solution: Top trumps

Question: Community Supported Agriculture Output Portion
Solution: Farm share

Question: Cookers Patented By James Sharp In 1826
Solution: Gas stoves

Question: Frothy Underskirt Goes Under A Dress
Solution: Petticoat

Question: Fumes And Gases Discharged By Vehicles
Solution: Emissions

Question: Horned Red Marvel Comics Character
Solution: Daredevil

Question: Intentional Road Obstruction
Solution: Speed bump

Question: Italian Red Wine Made From Nebbiolo Grapes
Solution: Gattinara

Question: Meandering Atmospheric Air Current
Solution: Jet stream

Question: Military Home By The Water
Solution: Naval base

Question: Natural Magnet Early Navigation Mineral
Solution: Lodestone

Question: Person Who Digs For Precious Metal
Solution: Gold miner

Question: Society Where More Than One Religion Is Recognized
Solution: Pluralist

Question: Spying Practice
Solution: Espionage

Question: To Support Or Motivate Someone
Solution: Encourage

Question: To Temporarily Have A Joint Out Of Position
Solution: Dislocate

Question: To Understand The Meaning Of Something
Solution: Interpret

Question: Top Gun And Cocktail Actor
Solution: Tom cruise

Question: Type Of Cord Attached To An Electrical Device
Solution: Extension

Question: US Actor Who Played Batman
Solution: Val kilmer

Question: Unable To Get Up And About
Solution: Bedridden

Question: Verdis Opera Based On A Victor Hugo Play
Solution: Rigoletto

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