Codycross Medieval Times Group 227 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Angela Germanys First Woman Chancellor
Solution: Merkel

Question: Arctic Explorer Who Created Refugee Passports
Solution: Nansen

Question: Casual Short Sleeved Top Named After A Letter
Solution: T shirt

Question: Currency In Portugal Before The Euro Replaced It
Solution: Escudo

Question: I Beg To
Solution: Differ

Question: Johannes German Composer Of Lullabies
Solution: Brahms

Question: Parts Of A Bicycle Where You Put Your Feet
Solution: Pedals

Question: Present Information
Solution: Impart

Question: Riddle Mystery
Solution: Enigma

Question: River Running Through Amsterdam And A Beer Brand
Solution: Amstel

Question: School Of Raphaels Fresco Of Philosophers
Solution: Athens

Question: Site Of Famous Tax Revolt Tea Party
Solution: Boston

Question: To Relinquish Rights Or Privileges
Solution: Waiver

Question: Eaton Record Breaking US Decathlete
Solution: Ashton

Question: Kutcher Plays Michael Kelso In That 70s Show
Solution: Ashton

Question: Robinson Motowns Miraculous Falsetto
Solution: Smokey

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