Codycross Medieval Times Group 227 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: A Weight On A Rod That Keeps A Clock Regulated
Solution: Pendulum

Question: Abdominal Aka Sit Ups
Solution: Crunches

Question: Alaskan Islands Hit By Earthquake In 2014
Solution: Aleutian

Question: Ancestral Or Blood Line
Solution: Pedigree

Question: Blind Greek Prophet Who Took Male And Female Forms
Solution: Tiresias

Question: Christian Festival Celebrated On January 6
Solution: Epiphany

Question: Colouring Meat In A Pan
Solution: Browning

Question: Cuban Cocktail Of Rum Lime And Sugar Syrup
Solution: Daiquiri

Question: Daisy Flower Used To Treat Migraines
Solution: Feverfew

Question: Darkening Meat In A Pan
Solution: Browning

Question: Delicate Facial Hairs That Add Expression
Solution: Eyebrows

Question: Estadio Valencia Stadium Hosted 82 WC Matches
Solution: Mestalla

Question: Flying Military Branch
Solution: Air force

Question: Football Player That Receives Kickoffs
Solution: Returner

Question: Hair Or Paper Cutter
Solution: Scissors

Question: Huge Colossal
Solution: Gigantic

Question: Irish Pop Boy Band With Brian McFadden
Solution: Westlife

Question: Manhattans Art Deco Famous Building
Solution: Chrysler

Question: Moralist Who Rejected The Idea Of Original Sin
Solution: Pelagius

Question: People Eating Person
Solution: Cannibal

Question: Punta Is The Main Music Of This Country
Solution: Honduras

Question: Scientific Study Of Whales And Dolphins
Solution: Cetology

Question: Singers Like Sinatra
Solution: Crooners

Question: Sleeplessness
Solution: Insomnia

Question: Small Sized Newspapers
Solution: Tabloids

Question: Tall African Mammals With Extra Long Necks
Solution: Giraffes

Question: Team Of Marvel Superheroes
Solution: Avengers

Question: The Guns Of Peck Part Of Allied Commando Team
Solution: Navarone

Question: Three Plus Ten Plus One
Solution: Fourteen

Question: To Engage In Reflection Or Contemplation
Solution: Meditate

Question: To Practice A Performance
Solution: Rehearse

Question: To Run Through A Performance Without An Audience
Solution: Rehearse

Question: UK Monarch With The 2nd Longest Reign
Solution: Victoria

Question: Alps In Germany Zugspitze Is The Highest Peak
Solution: Bavarian

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