Codycross Medieval Times Group 227 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: A Sled Maybe Pulled By Reindeer
Solution: Sleigh

Question: Black Dark Cake With German Origins
Solution: Forest

Question: Blue Spotted Fish Is Long And Very Thin
Solution: Cornet

Question: British Word For Gasoline
Solution: Petrol

Question: City Where The First Olympic Games Were Held
Solution: Athens

Question: Collections Of Songs
Solution: Albums

Question: Death Or Downfall
Solution: Demise

Question: Evil Goblin Who Kills Voyagers In Border Folklore
Solution: Redcap

Question: Happy Days Spin Off Joanie Loves
Solution: Chachi

Question: Hat Traditionally Worn At Easter Time
Solution: Bonnet

Question: Inflatable Car Safety Device
Solution: Air bag

Question: Internal Parts Of The Body
Solution: Organs

Question: Iraqi Birthplace Of Saddam Hussein And Saladin
Solution: Tikrit

Question: It Means Fifth In Spanish
Solution: Quinto

Question: Japanese Crossword With Numbers Instead Of Letters
Solution: Kakuro

Question: Layer Between The Earths Crust And Outer Core
Solution: Mantle

Question: Made To Fit
Solution: Custom

Question: Never Ask A If You Need A Haircut
Solution: Barber

Question: One Quarter President
Solution: George

Question: Patrick Dirty Dancings Star
Solution: Swayze

Question: Raft Of The Gericault Portrait Of A Shipwreck
Solution: Medusa

Question: Relating To The Stars
Solution: Astral

Question: Scary And Eerie Making You Feel Uncomfortable
Solution: Creepy

Question: Sea Separating Italy And Greece
Solution: Ionian

Question: Shellfish
Solution: Oyster

Question: Style Of Hot Yoga
Solution: Bikram

Question: Upset And Disappointed
Solution: Gutted

Question: Grounds Host Of Limerick Hurling Football
Solution: Gaelic

Question: Train Created The Updraft Of Marilyns Dress
Solution: Subway

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