Codycross Medieval Times Group 226 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Condition That Lasts Three Or More Months
Solution: Chronic

Question: Detailing Itemizing Numbering
Solution: Listing

Question: Detailing Numbering A Group Of Objects
Solution: Listing

Question: Drinking Containers That Sit On Saucers
Solution: Tea cups

Question: Electrical Loop
Solution: Circuit

Question: Favorite Social Media Site Of Current US President
Solution: Twitter

Question: Greek Posited A Geocentric Theory Of The Universe
Solution: Ptolemy

Question: Indian Sauce Ranges From Tomato To Mango
Solution: Chutney

Question: Jan Flemish Painter From The 15th C
Solution: Van eyck

Question: Jim Crow Law Pay To Vote
Solution: Poll tax

Question: Line For Holding A Tent Steady
Solution: Guy rope

Question: Maori People Are Native To New
Solution: Zealand

Question: Money 2016 US Film With George Clooney
Solution: Monster

Question: Multicolor Natural Beauty
Solution: Rainbow

Question: Omar Persian Polymath Author Of The Rubaiyat
Solution: Khayyam

Question: Paul Cruises From Tahiti Are Named After Artist
Solution: Gauguin

Question: Removes Weapons From Someone
Solution: Disarms

Question: Snake Reptile
Solution: Serpent

Question: Social Media Site With Tweets
Solution: Twitter

Question: Strauss Was Known For Composing These
Solution: Waltzes

Question: The Raging Bull Of The Boxing Ring
Solution: Lamotta

Question: Used Before Forks
Solution: Fingers

Question: White Siberian Dog Breed Nicknamed Sammy
Solution: Samoyed

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