Codycross Medieval Times Group 226 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Advantages Or Benefits
Solution: Merits

Question: Headwear Of The Sikhs
Solution: Turban

Question: James Cameron Sci Fi Film With Blue Beings
Solution: Avatar

Question: Keeps You Warm In The Winter
Solution: Heater

Question: Martell Pedro Pascal Characters In Game Of Thrones
Solution: Oberyn

Question: Meryl Out Of Africas Star
Solution: Streep

Question: Pina Cocktail Of Rum Coconut Pineapple
Solution: Colada

Question: Scotlands Patron Saint
Solution: Andrew

Question: Short Kickoff Designed To Get The Ball Back
Solution: Onside

Question: Supported Sponsored
Solution: Backed

Question: Tears Rolling Down The Cheeks Bawling
Solution: Crying

Question: The Satanic Controversial Book By Mr Rushdie
Solution: Verses

Question: Uranus Moon Named After The King Of The Fairies
Solution: Oberon

Question: Wu Only Woman To Lead A Chinese Dynasty
Solution: Zetian

Question: Runner Tall Upright Breed Of Domestic Duck
Solution: Indian

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