Codycross Medieval Times Group 226 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Back Fireplace Hot Water Heater Combo
Solution: Boiler

Question: Blue Flowers Painted By Van Gogh
Solution: Irises

Question: Creator Of Kermit And Miss Piggy
Solution: Henson

Question: Kids Party Game Of Pin The Tail On The
Solution: Donkey

Question: Lost Speed
Solution: Slowed

Question: Muslim Dynasty Ruled In The Levant 1127 1250
Solution: Zengid

Question: Not Solid Or Gas
Solution: Liquid

Question: Olympic Medal Awarded For Third Place
Solution: Bronze

Question: One Of An Ancient East Germanic Tribe
Solution: Vandal

Question: Open Top Pie With Custard And Cheese Perhaps Ham
Solution: Quiche

Question: Open Top Pie With Savory Custard And Cheese
Solution: Quiche

Question: Soviet Human Spaceflight Program
Solution: Vostok

Question: Special Colored Lenses For Spectacles
Solution: Tinted

Question: Spoken In Kenya And Tanzania
Solution: Dholuo

Question: The Mountain Lion
Solution: Cougar

Question: This 80s Band Doesnt Kill Anyone
Solution: Poison

Question: To Delay Temporarily
Solution: Put off

Question: Red Sox Play At Fenway Park
Solution: Boston

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