Codycross Medieval Times Group 224 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Athletes Who Fight In A Ring
Solution: Boxers

Question: Country Singer Yearwood
Solution: Trisha

Question: Extreme Fear
Solution: Terror

Question: French Resistance Leader Paris Airport De
Solution: Gaulle

Question: Grammar Says It Can Be Restrictive Or Not
Solution: Clause

Question: Japanese Martial Art Means Empty Hand
Solution: Karate

Question: Oblast City And River In South West Russia
Solution: Samara

Question: Paul US Actor Won Oscar For The Color Of Money
Solution: Newman

Question: Performed In Beauty Salons And Spas
Solution: Facial

Question: Pretending Feigning
Solution: Faking

Question: Prize Fighters
Solution: Boxers

Question: Rambling Taking A Long Walk With A Rucksack
Solution: Hiking

Question: Rubbernecker
Solution: Gawker

Question: Skimmed Milk Bacterium Probiotic Dairy Drink
Solution: Yakult

Question: Sword Blocker
Solution: Shield

Question: The Second Softest Rock In Nature
Solution: Gypsum

Question: Thigh Supported Hi Tech Device
Solution: Laptop

Question: US State With Highest Canned Spam Consumption
Solution: Hawaii

Question: You Can Have Many Up Your Sleeve
Solution: Tricks

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