Codycross Medieval Times Group 224 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Ardency Fervency Emotion
Solution: Intensity

Question: Blood Toxins In A Bodily System
Solution: Poisoning

Question: British Ocean Liner Sunk In World War I
Solution: Lusitania

Question: Claudia Beautiful Italian Actress From 1950s
Solution: Cardinale

Question: Cold Blooded Animal
Solution: Ectotherm

Question: Common Rash Causing Plant
Solution: Poison ivy

Question: Dark Green Nutty Legume From French Volcanic Soil
Solution: Puy lentil

Question: Dolby Co Invented This Film Sound Recording Method
Solution: Videotape

Question: Ejections Of Molten Rock From A Volcano
Solution: Eruptions

Question: Equestrian Footwear
Solution: Horseshoe

Question: Equine Footwear
Solution: Horseshoe

Question: Group Of Assets Stocks Bonds Or Cash
Solution: Portfolio

Question: Hit Song By Tina Turner
Solution: Proud mary

Question: Period Before A Mother Gives Birth
Solution: Antenatal

Question: Person Who Cares For Your Animal When Youre Away
Solution: Pet sitter

Question: Quality Related To Inquisitive Thinking
Solution: Curiosity

Question: Quilted Trouser With Shoulder Straps For Skiers
Solution: Salopette

Question: Sale Rack
Solution: Clearance

Question: Shape With 4 Right Angles But Not 4 Equal Sides
Solution: Rectangle

Question: Small Devices That Provide Power To Toys And Phones
Solution: Batteries

Question: The California Gurl
Solution: Katy perry

Question: The State Of Having Lost The Esteem Of Others
Solution: Disrepute

Question: There Is No Artistry Or Ideals In This Statement
Solution: Pragmatic

Question: They Power Your Devices
Solution: Batteries

Question: Thick Smooth Tissue At The End Of Bones
Solution: Cartilage

Question: Time Following The Middle Of The Day
Solution: Afternoon

Question: Very Small Pieces
Solution: Particles

Question: Who Greg Lake Believed In Father
Solution: Christmas

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