Codycross Medieval Times Group 224 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Actress And Singer From 1950s Named Marilyn
Solution: Monroe

Question: Chinese Communist Revolutionary Chairman Mao
Solution: Zedong

Question: Disposable Handkerchief
Solution: Tissue

Question: Frequent Soap Opera Advertiser Procter And
Solution: Gamble

Question: Historically Indigenous People Of South Asia
Solution: Hindus

Question: Longest River In The European Union
Solution: Danube

Question: Organ Where Humans Develop
Solution: Uterus

Question: Picky Selective
Solution: Choosy

Question: Processed Wood Used To Build Homes
Solution: Lumber

Question: Syndrome Includes Autism Disorder Or Brain Injuries
Solution: Savant

Question: The Family Has A Towering Butler Named Lurch
Solution: Addams

Question: This Voyager Called Gulliver Has A First Name
Solution: Lemuel

Question: To Raise The Right Hand To The Side Of Headgear
Solution: Salute

Question: To Stagger Wobble To Sway
Solution: Totter

Question: Very Well Known By Everyone
Solution: Famous

Question: Moray Eels Are The Largest In Their Species
Solution: Mosaic

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