Codycross Medieval Times Group 223 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: A Rolling Stone Gathers
Solution: No moss

Question: Antiquated Term For A Farmer Owning His Own Land
Solution: Yeoman

Question: Bug
Solution: Insect

Question: Capable Of Being Eaten
Solution: Edible

Question: Danny Played Louie De Palma In Taxi
Solution: Devito

Question: Diamond Plaids
Solution: Argyle

Question: Direction In Which Muslims Face To Pray
Solution: Qiblah

Question: Fictional Books
Solution: Novels

Question: It Holds The Archers Arrows
Solution: Quiver

Question: Jeff Goldblum Film About A Mutant Insect
Solution: The fly

Question: Keith Richards Instrument
Solution: Guitar

Question: Lake Venue For 1980 Winter Olympics In The US
Solution: Placid

Question: Late 1800 US Age Of Social Inequality
Solution: Gilded

Question: Maintain An Unobtrusive Profile
Solution: Lie low

Question: Miranda Cynthia Nixons Sex And The City Role
Solution: Hobbes

Question: Mixed With Type Of Heavy Metal Eg Gasoline
Solution: Leaded

Question: Ordinary Unceremonious
Solution: Folksy

Question: Out Of Off Balance
Solution: Kilter

Question: Palm Tree Fiber Used For Weaving Baskets And Mats
Solution: Raffia

Question: Rosh Hashanha Dessert Aka Jewish Honey Cake
Solution: Lekach

Question: Ships Of The Desert With Humps
Solution: Camels

Question: The Mark Of Zorro Swashbuckler Actor Power
Solution: Tyrone

Question: Tissue That Bulges Through A Body Cavity Wall
Solution: Hernia

Question: Tree Seed Sometimes Used For Milk
Solution: Almond

Question: Horde Batu Khans 13th Century Mongol Khanate
Solution: Golden

Question: Prynne She Wore A Scarlet Letter
Solution: Hester

Question: Sandberg Facebook COO
Solution: Sheryl

Question: Sore Painful Mouth Ulcers
Solution: Canker

Question: Im Just A Living To The Leader Of The Band
Solution: Legacy

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